Includes the fan-favorite Vergil
as a playable character!

Powered up for the next-generation of gaming hardware!

PS5 XBOX Series X

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Flashier visuals, crazier action.
Devil May Cry 5 is back, now upgraded for next-generation consoles!
PS5 XBOX Series X
Take advantage of the power of the next generation of consoles and tailor the options to your preferred gameplay experience. Fine-tune your experience as you prioritize gorgeous and photorealistic lighting effects using ray-tracing, the sharpest resolution possible, or the highest framerates the series has ever offered.

Not enough? You'll also be able to hear the action unfold around you with incredible 3D sound, and loading times go by in a blink to keep the thrills coming. All of this with even more intense new modes so you can push your style to the max. And the icing on the infernal cake? Vergil joins the gang as a new playable character!
The PlayStation®5 version even uses the DualSense™ controller's adaptive triggers to let you feel the tension of battle in the tips of your fingers.

About Devil May Cry 5

DMC is back and more beautiful than ever!
Blistering speed meets impeccable control for an incredibly tight gameplay experience as you work your way through the thrilling story.
This game represents the pinnacle of stylish action and was recognized with numerous game awards!
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Several years after the Order of the Sword incident, a new demonic threat has invaded our world.
It's up to the legendary devil hunters Dante and Nero to stop it, only now they're joined by series newcomer V.
Together, these three men's fates are tied together in mysterious and surprising ways.

Feel the Power of Next-Gen!

This new Special Edition features numerous graphics options which allow players to decide what sort of next-gen experience they want. Whether you desire the razzle-dazzle of ray-tracing, heart-racing framerates, or razor-sharp high-resolution output, you can customize the graphics options to suit your style. No matter what you pick, you'll also be able to enjoy the realism added through 3D sound implementation, and the new gameplay modes which are made possible by the increased processing power: Turbo Mode, which ratchets the gameplay speed up even higher, and Legendary Dark Knight mode, which throws more demons at you than ever before.

Spectacular Graphics

Photorealistic Lighting with

Ray-tracing allows for life-like realistic reflections and refractions, whether you're looking at a mirror or a lake! Implementing ray-tracing on environmental lighting allows for more realistic light and shadow effects than ever before. When enabled in the graphics options, you can choose between prioritizing resolution (4K, 30FPS target) or framerate (1080p, 60FPS target).
Move the slider left and right to see the difference.
Ray Tracing On
Ray Tracing Off
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  • Note:
    Object rendering is prioritized and ray-tracing is automatically disabled when High Framerate Mode is enabled, or when playing in Turbo or Legendary Dark Knight gameplay modes.

Don't Miss a Single Twitch with
High Framerate Mode

Enable High Framerate Mode and catch every last movement--up to a smoking 120FPS!

Even More Relentless Speed in
Turbo Mode

Ramp up the frenzy and increase the core game speed by 20% in this mode. Faster movement makes your sick moves feel even more stylish, and nailing that perfect combo feels all the sweeter.

An Even Greater Challenge Awaits in
Legendary Dark Knight Mode

A challenge which could only be realized with the power of next-generation consoles, this mode will have you facing demons in numbers greater than you've ever faced before! Tear your way through the demon hordes and plumb the depths of the stylish combat systems in this dizzying high-stakes battle!

Blood Burns with a Blue Flame as Vergil Joins the Fight!

Here's the feature our fans have been clamoring for... Dante's twin brother and longtime rival Vergil is now available as a playable character! Take this new challenger through both the story mode and the challenging Bloody Palace!
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Devil May Cry5
Playable Character: Vergil available now!
More information here
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Vergil Battle Track
Bury the Light
Casey Edwards feat. Victor Borba
Now available for streaming on these services
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Also includes additional content which was released separately from the original version, including the contents of Devil May Cry Deluxe Upgrade, the originally pre-order exclusive EX Color costumes, and the Bloody Palace mode!
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