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Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 3 is back and now on the Nintendo Switch™!

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This product is only available for download. There are currently no plans to release a physical edition.

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More Fun Than You Can Handle

Devil May Cry 3 takes place before the events of the first game. In this installment, you can choose different combat Styles like Swordmaster and Gunslinger, and it's up to you which Style you decide to develop and improve on. This game also contains the Special Edition features that let you play as Dante's brother Vergil.

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A battle between twin brothers...

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Dante, a young man on the cusp of adulthood, has just opened a handyman shop and begun his new life in the city. Suddenly a strange man called Arkham appears before him, bearing an invitation from Dante's elder brother, Vergil.
As Dante is considering this unexpected invitation, a giant tower appears within the town. It soon becomes clear that this tower is a conduit to the Demon World, and that it was brought here by none other than Vergil.
Dante is determined to put a stop to these events and sets forth to climb to the top of the tower where he will settle things with his brother once and for all.

Game Systems

Will you prioritize speed or defense? Swordsmanship or gunplay? The new Style Change system allows you to experience the action through a number of unique Styles allowing for unprecedented variety. Level up the Styles and weapons as you see fit and create a playstyle all your own.

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Swordmaster: Specialized in advanced melee attacks

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Gunslinger: Attack from a distance with powerful guns



Our young hero.
His incessant quips and trash talking may not show it, but Dante has both a good conscience and strong determination. His new business as a handyman is actually a means by which to seek out his father's ancient enemies.


Dante's elder twin brother.
Unlike Dante, Vergil chose to live as a demon. Once he's made up his mind, he will never back down—he will fight for his goals, no matter the cost.


A professional devil hunter who makes a living tracking and killing demons.
She is determined to eliminate all demons from the world by her own hand. She views Dante as an enemy due to his demonic lineage. "Lady" is actually a moniker bestowed to her by Dante when she refuses to divulge her true name.


*This product is only available for download. There are currently no plans to release a physical edition.




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